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What We Can Do For You


Pneumatic Conveying Tubes

Porcelain enamel inside pneumatic conveying tubes helps to protect against abrasion from particles flowing through the system, therefore reducing maintenance costs, and extending the life of the system. The porcelain enamel is baked on the pneumatic conveying tubes at approximately 1600° F. Contact us today for a quote.


Appliance Refinishing

From stove tops to grates to oven liners. We’ve got you covered. Appliance parts are thoroughly cleaned, then sprayed with new porcelain enamel. Once dry, the parts go into the furnace and bake at 1600° F. The result is a “like new” factory original finish that is heat and scratch resistant. Contact us today to see if your appliance can be refinished.


Specialty Projects

At Independence Porcelain Enamel we can make your projects look like new again, if it’s a grill, a lantern vent, a manifold, Grandma’s stamped steel kitchen sink or other project.  We thoroughly clean all parts and apply a “like new” finish that even Grandma would be proud of.  Be sure to visit our Facebook page to view some of our past projects. We look forward to helping you with your project, so contact us today!

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